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How to test a customer facing software?

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posted Feb 11 by Arunkumaarts

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3 Answers

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The focus of such application should be more on responsiveness, security and usability. So the testing should emphasize more on performance, security and GUI. Hence the below types of testing should be performed rigorously:
1. GUI/Usability - for the easy understanding of the end users, application should be easy to use.
2. Performance - as lot many users may use app concurrently, app should not crash or slow down, or hang
3. Security testing - users end up entering confidential/personal details as in banking apps.
4. Functional testing - as every software is developed for a particular feature. Functional testing is always an integral part of testing any kind of application

answer Feb 13 by Himaja
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Testing customer facing software requires two level of mindset.

  1. Assume your self as a customer and test in such way that, as customer how to you expect the performance and UI to be behaved.

  2. Test as experienced software tester, that mean list of the dissatisfaction you had a customer and behind the software which are caused the dissatisfaction and gather those cornered areas/ bugs and reported to concern team.

As a customer:

How the UI is designed?
Was there any lag while toggling between different tabs and link available in the software?
The time taken to log in to the software?
Was it easy to understand the behavior or nature of the tabs available within the software?
Was all images within the software was loading within the expected time?
If there was any user intervention area such as filling some customer details, submitting some forms and was it functioning without any lag or latency?

As an experience tester:

Find out the root cause for the lag while toggling between different tabs.
Find out the bugs for inappropriate behavior within the software?
If there are any areas which as a customer not easy to understand the behavior, report it as an idea or purpose a design to eradicate the complication caused as customer.
If the images failed to load, then find out the bug or root cause for the failure.

answer Feb 14 by Vinod Kumar
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With any application that we test, we are trying to see if a certain set of requirements are met by the application or not. But when it comes to a user-facing site, apart from concentrating on functionality, we also have to look into few the usability features, may be performance and security aspects also to a certain extent.

The first level of testing is – Does the site satisfy its functional requirements.

Example: if it is a loan management site, we need to look at – are the new customer able to apply for a loan, are the existing customer able to access their loan info, is the interest % applied to the loan amount correct, etc.

The next level of testing is – how easy is it to use the site, do the options make a logical sense and meet the expectations of the user or not.

For example, if the user has to be pass 3-4 screens to submit the basic information they are going to be annoyed, so such issues have to be addressed.

Another example, after entering username and password, the user might click on tab- which means the control should go to “Sign in” button, instead if it’s going to cancel, the user is going to be really annoyed and the experience of using the site is going to be compromised. Such issues have to be caught.

Performance testing to the complete extent might not be in scope but simple situations like, how long does the search results take to be displayed and how much time does it take for the system to retrieve a customer info at the peak hour – these are some example of the kind of things we would want to keep an eye on.

Security – for sites where there is a secure login to access the site, the minimum functionality around it has to be tested. For example, if I leave the site idle for more than 10 minutes, is it auto logging out or not. Something as basic as that should be focused on.

answer Feb 11 by Arun