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What is Embedded testing?

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posted Feb 16 by Himaja

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1 Answer

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Hi Himaja,

Embedded Software Testing is testing of embedded systems. Embedded software testing is similar to other testing types. The embedded software is tested for their performance, consistency and validated as per the requirements of the client of the software development team.

Embedded Software testing checks and ensure the concerned software is of good quality and complies with all the requirements it should meet. Embedded software testing is an excellent approach to guarantee security in critical applications like medical equipment, railways, aviation, vehicle industry, etc. Strict and careful testing is crucial to grant software certification.

answer Feb 18 by Arun
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Hi all,
My work now starts with new path: Embedded software. We're going to build software in Automobile field.
Up to now, I have experienced only in Web & Mobile Applications, so in order to adapt Embedded Software testing, what should I learn?

Thank you!