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How to use and how to earn on this platform

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posted Feb 16 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Welcome to

Please check out the demo video

answer Feb 18 by Arun
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99tests offers a variety of testing opportunities that can make you money, including software and apps. You’ll be specifically looking for bugs as you use the app and keeping a log of everything you find. Your pay depends on the complexity of the task and the estimated length of it. Some developers want a more in-depth log file, which will take you longer and pay more. You’ll get your payment via PayPal once your task is completed and approved by 99tests and the developer. Be sure to fill out your profile completely, as developers will find you in the system by matching your demographics to their need for testers.
The site also features app testing contests that you can win some extra money for participating in!

answer Feb 28 by Shashank Suman
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How to earn from 99Tests for freshers, can be known from this ebook I've written, aprt from other websites. You can purchase the ebook on Amazon kindle for Rs. 10 using the promo code as 'KINDLE95', in the link . All the best with crowd Testing.

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