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What is the need when I start to test the Automobile software (Embedded)?

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Hi all,
My work now starts with new path: Embedded software. We're going to build software in Automobile field.
Up to now, I have experienced only in Web & Mobile Applications, so in order to adapt Embedded Software testing, what should I learn?

Thank you!

posted Feb 18 by Tung Nguyen

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Yes i want to learn testing

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An excellent place to begin gaining knowledge of software testing in the automobile industry is with the ISO 26262 standard which defines industry standards and functional safety for electrical and electronic systems included in the design of today's automobiles. The International Organization for Standardization develop and publish International Standards that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose. Their wesite at: offers a wealth of knowledge on the subject in addition to providing you with information on where to seek education, certification, and training for one who is interested in building and testing embedded software for the automobile industry. This website gets you started on the right path by conforming your education and training to the requirements of industry standards which "was founded with the idea of answering a fundamental question: what's the best way of doing this?”

A good article I found on the subject is:
"What is the scope of learning embedded systems for a guy who wants to pursue a career in automotive industry?"
And can be found by clicking on:

Another great source of information for one who may be just getting started on their quest for information on automobile industry training for embedded software is:
The information provided by visiting this website includes the fact that more automobile equipment is being changed from mechanical systems to electronic systems and that the embedded system is the heart of a vehicle’s electronic system. They provide a "breakdown" of each component of an automobile that uses embedded systems in a vehicle and their function within the system.

Some other resources to check out for training may include the following links:

Hope the information I have provided to you here helps to make a great start to your interest in embedded systems within the automobile industry. Good luck to you!

answer Feb 19 by Kimberly Jane Mccann
Thank you. A lot of great information.
You're welcome!