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What is the difference between STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

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posted Feb 22 by Suresh Babu

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2 Answers

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SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It refers to all the activities performed during software development - requirement gathering, requirement analysis, designing, coding or implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

software development lifecycle

Software testing life cycle refers to all the activities performed during testing of a software product. The phases include-

Requirement analyses and validation - In this phase the requirements documents are analyzed and validated and scope of testing is defined.
Test planning - In this phase test plan strategy is defined, estimation of test effort is defined along with automation strategy and tool selection is done.
Test Design and analysis - In this phase test cases are designed, test data is prepared and automation scripts are implemented.
Test environment setup - A test environment closely simulating the real world environment is prepared.
Test execution - The test cases are prepared, bugs are reported and retested once resolved.
Test closure and reporting - A test closure report are prepared to have the final test results summary, learnings, and test metrics.

answer Feb 22 by Arunkumaarts
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SDLC is Software Development LifeCycle, it is a systematic approach to develop a software. The process of testing a software in a well planned and systematic way is known as software testing life cycle(STLC). ... Test Execution and bug reporting, manual testing, automation testing is done, defects found are reported.

answer Mar 10 by Sheetal Gawade