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What is the function of software testing tool "phantom"?

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posted Mar 7 by Suresh Babu

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2 Answers

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Software Test Tools - PHANTOM

Kind of Tool
Windows GUI automation scripting language (freeware)
Phantom Automated Solutions
Software Description
The Phantom scripting language is a powerful Windows automation language that allows you to take control of windows and perform functions automatically. Simulate any combination of key strokes and mouse clicks, as well as many built in functions for edits, buttons, menus, lists, and more!

answer Mar 8 by Arunkumaarts
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he Phantom Test Driver (PTD) is a full featured script development and execution environment for Phantom scripts. Key features of PTD include a built-in script editor, a script debugger, multi-script execution capability, remote execution capability, and much more.

PTD is the perfect tool for application functional testing and regression testing. Phantom scripts can be organized and executed as groups called Suites, with the output combined in an easy to read format. Each Suite contains a group of Testcases - individual Phantom scripts. For application testing purposes, each Testcase can test a particular application feature, with similar Testcases grouped into Suites. In this way, an entire application feature set can be tested through a single action, with all output and results presented in an easy to read format.

PTD is seamlessly integrated with the Phantom script engine and can run any Phantom script.

answer Mar 10 by Sheetal Gawade