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What is mutation testing?

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posted Mar 7 by Suresh Babu

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2 Answers

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Mutation testing is a structural testing technique, which uses the structure of the code to guide the testing process. On a very high level, it is the process of rewriting the source code in small ways in order to remove the redundancies in the source code

These ambiguities might cause failures in the software if not fixed and can easily pass through testing phase undetected.

answer Mar 8 by Arunkumaarts
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Mutation Testing is a type of software testing where we mutate (change) certain statements in the source code and check if the test cases are able to find the errors. It is a type of White Box Testing which is mainly used for Unit Testing. The changes in mutant program are kept extremely small, so it does not affect the overall objective of the program.

answer Mar 8 by Sheetal Gawade