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What are the categories of debugging?

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posted Mar 7 by Suresh Babu

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2 Answers

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Steps involved in debugging are:

Problem identification and report preparation.
Assigning the report to software engineer to the defect to verify that it is genuine.
Defect Analysis using modeling, documentations, finding and testing candidate flaws, etc.
Defect Resolution by making required changes to the system.
Validation of corrections.
answer Mar 8 by Arunkumaarts
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1) Brute Force Method: This method is most common and least efficient for isolating the cause of a software error. We apply this method when all else fail. In this method, a printout of all registers and relevant memory locations is obtained and studied. All dumps should be well documented and retained for possible use on subsequent problems.

2) Back Tracking Method: It is a quite popular approach of debugging which is used effectively in case of small applications. The process starts from the site where a particular symptom gets detected, from there on backward tracing is done across the entire source code till we are able to lay our hands on the site being the cause. Unfortunately, as the number of source lines increases, the number of potential backward paths may become unmanageably large.

3) Cause Elimination: The third approach to debugging, cause elimination, is manifested by induction or deduction and introduces the concept of binary partitioning. This approach is also called induction and deduction. Data related to the error occurrence are organized to isolate potential causes. A “cause hypothesis” is devised and the data are used to prove or disprove the hypothesis. Alternatively, a list of all possible causes is developed and tests are conducted to eliminated each. If initial tests indicate that a particular cause hypothesis shows promise, the data are refined in an attempt to isolate the bug.

answer Mar 8 by Sheetal Gawade