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Without using Database Checkpoints, how you test a SQL Query in QTP?

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posted Mar 9 by Sheetal Gawade

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1 Answer

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how we can use database checkpoint in QTP and in the later parts we will understand the key concepts and how to connect to a database using QTP scripting and how we can retrieve data from the database and other important facts. As a good tester you must have basic knowledge of writing query and verify its correctness based on the parameters. For this you will need to first understand the database of the application under test, which includes understanding the referential integrity, security, and data formats.

The most important Referential Integrity is basically the schema of the database- a visual diagram of all the tables in your database, which you can get from your development team. This is very important as it provides you all the basic information about your database like how the integrity has been maintained, table information, risks etc. Once you have knowledge on all the intricacies of the database you can begin with your testing.

While automating, the very first thing you may face is to connect to the database. Let us first understand the database Checkpoint. Database checkpoint is one of the checkpoints in QTP which is used to test the contents of the database accessed by application under test. It stores the expected data and compares this with the data stored in the database. When you use a database checkpoint in your script, it connects to the database and sends the query to the database to retrieve the current data into the record set. QTP now compares the current data with the expected data stored in the checkpoint and gives you the result as pass or fail. You can create a database checkpoint to confirm that the data being stored in the database does not introduce any error and you can do this by verifying

The data is saved to the correct tables and in proper field
The data on different operation in database like insert, delete, update
The correctness of data etc.

To understand this lets take a very simple example for Flight Application. Suppose you are updating an order by changing the name, as in the snapshot below. You need to change the customer name to Learnqtp now and update the record. So if you want to verify whether the record is properly updated with the changed name or not, you use the database checkpoint.

answer Mar 14 by Arunkumaarts