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Explain what is Scenario Outline in feature file?

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posted Mar 10 by Sheetal Gawade

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1 Answer

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Features file contains a high-level description of the Test Scenario in simple language. It is known as Gherkin. Gherkin is a plain English text language

Feature File consists of the following components -

Feature: A feature would describe the current test script which has to be executed.
Scenario: Scenario describes the steps and expected outcome for a particular test case.
Scenario Outline: the Same scenario can be executed for multiple sets of data using a scenario outline. The data is provided by a tabular structure separated by (I I).
Given: It specifies the context of the text to be executed. By using data tables "Given", a step can also be parameterized.
When: "When" specifies the test action that has to perform
Then: The expected outcome of the test can be represented by "Then"
answer Mar 14 by Arunkumaarts