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What is the average salary of test case writer?

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posted Mar 11 by Parth Modi

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2 Answers

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Test Engineers who transition into a Test Engineering Manager role may receive large pay increases as the latter position pays an average $104K per year. The most common career progression for Test Engineers leads to becoming a Senior Test Engineer, where average pay is $88K annually. However, many Test Engineers also opt to become Electrical Engineers. Typically, an Electrical Engineer brings home $69K.

answer Mar 12 by Suresh Babu
What is the salary in india?
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Pay Scale = 2 * Work Experience

e.g say you have experience of 4 yrs, ideal pay scale should at be close to 8+Lacs.

Moreover, there are additional factors like location, company size and type, skill set, certification, etc which may impact the overall salary package. e.g a multinational or pure QA based company will offer higher and attractive packages as compared to small scale organizations for same experience.

Further, Automation engineers are offered bit higher packages as compared to functional tester as Automation engineers need to write code based on business scenarios and test cases

answer May 14 by Arun Kumar Pandey