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What is a critical bug?

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posted Mar 22 by Arunkumaarts

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3 Answers

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Critical Bug is the type of Bug which affects the major functionality of the Application which needs to be fixed on Immediate basis. But it doesn't halt the Test Execution Process.
For Ex: On the Login Page , if entering Invalid User ID & Password, Clicking on Login Button takes you to the Web Site Home page, then it is Critical bug which need to be fixed on urgent need which affects the Application's Critical functionality.. Here it doesn't halt the Rest of the Test Execution Process. Generally Sev-2 defects are Critical bugs in the Software Test Terminology.


answer Mar 23 by Mallikarjun Hiremath
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In addition , depending on the type of company or industry if there are any legal or compliance ramifications that could result in a huge penalty or fine to the company. Also if there are any security or privacy or significant financial or reputation impact, this should be considered as a critical bug.

answer Mar 25 by Nancy Cebalo
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A critical bug is show stopper which means the functionality cannot be delivered unless that defect is cleared. And a major bug is a major flaw in functionality but it still can be released.

As a simple example, for an application maintaining list of people. If the user is not able to add/update details of a person in the list, it is a critical bug . But if the user is not able to delete the information of a person it is a major bug.

answer Mar 25 by Bhumika Prajapati