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I am new here and wish to know how to earn from 99tests.

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I want to know how to earn money from 99tests

posted Mar 25 by Jesuoghae Osamagbe

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1 Answer

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Hi Jesuoghae Osamagbe,
Welcome to 99tests,

You can earn more money by actively participating in the project and log a good bug. Happy Testing

answer Mar 26 by Arun
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How to earn from 99Tests for freshers, can be known from this ebook I've written, aprt from other websites. You can purchase the ebook on Amazon kindle for Rs. 10 using the promo code as 'KINDLE95', in the link . All the best with crowd Testing.

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how to understand dasboard n no url for testing . there r test cases with inprogress, passed ,failed etc.. but do we need to work on all or just one which r inprogress

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I just signed up to 99tests and I am ready to start working on bugs but when will I get some jobs, nothing is available? I filled out my profile completely and updated it, so I should be good in that department. When can I expect to get some jobs so I can start earning some side income?