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What is a ‘Project Team’?

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posted Mar 26 by Arun

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1 Answer

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The people involved in a project

The project team are those people who have a role in the same project. Team members can be grouped but each individual has a certain role and function and thus can be assigned certain tasks. The project team fulfills these roles and functions within the time frame of the project and is usually dismantled after the project completion. During that time, the project team works towards the common goal of delivering the project's scope within time and budget/costs. Each team member has certain responsibilities based on their role, function and assigned tasks.

A project team usually consists of:

project manager: responsible for leading the project team and ensuring the team has everything the need to complete their tasks
project stakeholders: include the customer or contractee, the project staff, partners, internal or external service providers

Good cooperation among the project team is vital for project success. Especially communicating efficiently and effectively is important to ensure that everyone has the necessary information to complete their tasks and fulfill their roles properly. Ideally, opinions, solutions and also conflicts are considered, debated and resolved within the project team.

answer Mar 27 by Arun
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