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What is the difference between Testing Techniques and Testing Tools?

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posted Apr 4 by Suresh Babu

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2 Answers

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Testing technique: – Is a process for ensuring that some aspects of the application system or unit functions properly there may be few techniques but many tools.

Testing Tools: – Is a vehicle for performing a test process. The tool is a resource to the tester, but itself is insufficient to conduct testing

answer Apr 5 by Suresh
can you please list out few example for test technique and tools
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The words "Technique" and "Tools" would be enough to differentiate between the two.

Technique is the actual method/manner/way to perform a particular task.

Tools are the objects or means which help in performing the tasks.

For example, Painting is a task and there are different techniques like oil painting, etc. Then there are some paintin gtools - like crayons, brushes, poster colors etc. Hope this makes sense...

When we talk in terms of software testing,

Testing techniques are the types of testing . Various testing techniques are functional testing, performance testing etc. They can be furthwer classified into many techniques.

Testing tools are software programs clubbed together to per testing activities. These tools generally provide record and playback features along with common scripting platform to customize the tests. Common functional testing tools are - Quick Test Professional, Selenium etc. Common performance testing tools are Load Runner, Rational Performance Tester etc.

answer Apr 7 by Rakshith