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Define testing?

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posted May 1 by Arun

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3 Answers

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Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error.

answer May 2 by Arunkumaarts
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In layman term, testing is related to taking a test or exam we give in our college or school. In IT term, it is a process done to find any bug or error in the system or whatever coding we have done for anything. So simply, it is done to check our design system is fine or not.

answer May 2 by Shishir Kumar Pratik
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In simple terms testing is an activity performed on a (one or many) system with the intent of finding a flaw in it. This means that the system is not behaving as it was supposed to (as per the requirements) and is behaving erratically. This error in the system is classified as a bug which in tun means that an issue in the coding of the system.

answer May 2 by Tushar Agarwal