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How to keep healthy [Closed]

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Man is not just a body, he has many aspects that help him to reach balance and natural integration with life and with himself. There is a physical aspect, which includes all human senses,in addition to its internal organs that control its ability to work and produce. And the psychological aspect, which is the expression of the emotions and feelings that emanate from the human with his outside world or with himself.

And also the mental aspect, which includes the ideas and beliefs of the human, which controls the ability of the person to accept himself and look at others positively, and the spiritual aspect that expresses human creativity and goals in life and his relationship with God.

A person can maintain his health in all its forms by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet,  and keep away from foods that cause harm to his health and impede his physical and mental development, and exercise in various forms and types are considered to be the most important things that help the person to maintain his health and prevent him from some health and psychological problems, because healthy sports prevent physical problems and tension. 


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posted May 5 by anonymous

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Hey:) eat healthy and many different things (pyramid of foods), also make 2-3 times sport a week. The most important thing is to smile. Sounds weird, but you will be healthy by being happy