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What is the Payment model for test cycle?

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posted Aug 14, 2018 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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All projects are paid in actual currency i.e INR payments mentioned in the project page are in INR if at all we use 99tests currency the project payment will clearly indicate that the payment is in 99tests currency

answer Aug 20, 2018 by Dev
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What is INS and what is it value in USD

answer Aug 31, 2018 by Emmanuel Mutai
INR = Indian National Rupee
USD = United Stated Dollar

1 USD = 70 INR (on 8th of Sept 2018)
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Payment of my open bugs raised in the month of October and November is pending .

I also participated in the execution of test cases for a certain project for which the results are not yet known to me .

How to go ahead in both the case

Pls guide .

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Hi,I have done testing of 3 project and received bugs are approved in August 2018. Announced winner as well in same 3 projects.
When can I received an payment for the same.

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Hi Team,
I'm a newbie. Can anybody guide me how to apply for a project/Test cycle?