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In scope bug validated as out of scope

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I would like to highlight this that I have participated in a test cycle and raised a bug which was in scope. In scope feature was Sign Up and I have raised a bug within that scope. But it has been marked as 'Out of Scope'. Why this? I want my reply ASAP and one more thing I didnot get proper reply of my previous question. So take a look on this matter otherwise I have to delete this account.

posted Aug 17, 2018 by Ankita Dey

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1 Answer

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Hi ankit,
May i know the bug id please

answer Aug 17, 2018 by Bharath
The bug id is 22563 and now I am unable to view the bug also. This sort of experience for a newbie like me is worst.
Hi ANkit,
The bug is not in out of scope. it is is in To DO status. validator will validate your bugs,
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