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Why I can't log big ?

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When I click on add bug . Iam getting response as you can't log bug !!!! Why ?

posted Aug 30, 2018 by Vinod Moger

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1 Answer

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Hi Vinod,

May i know the cycle name please.

answer Aug 31, 2018 by Arunkumaarts
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Hello Team,
I worked in 99tests for some modules. But from past 3 months because of busy schedule i was unable to work. Now i want to work here again. But after new update I am unable to find add bug feature. Please confirm

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It will be so great to have a bug search functionality inside of "Active Projects"->"Openbug"->"%opened_project%" section.

At the moment it is terrible from the normalization point of view.

For example I found a bug in the client's project and I want to raise it.

Before raise it - I want to make sure this is not a duplicate.

I should go through all the bug pages and spend many time in order to find some bug title with a hint (or even open every bug for a full description O_O).

enter image description here

On the basis of the above - I suppose sometimes duplicates will be raised.
And then the QA manager will have to spend his time in order to reject another one duplicated bug ticket.
Is there any chance to update our 99tests platform with a bug title/description search?

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I have been invited to several tests but the directions are so confusing to me, and I can never find anyone to contact for support, can someone help me!