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What is Bug life cycle?

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posted Oct 5, 2018 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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In SDLC, the bug has a life cycle. The bug should go through the life cycle to be closed.
Bug life cycle varies depends upon the tools used and process followed in the organization.
Some Well known bug tracking tools are QC, JIRA etc.

During a bug life cycle a bug has different status-

1.New- When a tester finds a bug then the status of that bug is "NEW"

2.Assigned- If the bug found by the tester is valid then it will be assigned to development team and its status become "ASSIGNED".
3. Open -When developer starts working on assigned bug its status become "open".
4. Fixed- When developer doses necessary code changes and unit tested the bug after verification by developer the status will become "FIXED"
5.Test- When an issue is fixed and assigned to tester then status will come "TEST"
6. Verified- When issue is tested by tester and found working fine then status of that bug become "VERIFIED"
7. Closed: After verified the fix, if the bug is no longer exits then the status of bug will be assigned as “Closed.”
8.Reopen: If the defect remains same after the retest, then the tester posts the defect using defect retesting document and changes the status to “Reopen”. Again the bug goes through the life cycle to be fixed.
9.Duplicate: If the defect is repeated twice or the defect corresponds the same concept of the bug, the status is changed to “duplicate” by the development team.

answer Oct 5, 2018 by Mohd Adnan
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Bug life cycle varies for different tools or process followed by different organization.
Any reported bug followed different status as below:
1. New :- When a bug reported currently and till now not assigned to any developer is at New status.
2. Assigned :- When tester found any bug and report it and assign to any developer that stage is Assigned.
3. Open :- After assign any bug to any developer he/she start to fix it that time the bug status is Open.
4. Fixed :- After resolve necessary code change developer will change bug status from open to Fixed.
5. Verified :- After fixed a bug by developer it will retested by tester and will change status from fixed to Verified.
6. Reopened :- If the bug found again after fixed by developer, tester will Reopen the bug again to fix it.
7. Closed :- If bug not found after fixed by developer, tester will Closed the bug.
8. Duplicate :- If any reported bug previously reported then the new bug is a duplicate of previous one. Tester can refer the new bug to old bug.

answer Oct 9, 2018 by Asadul Haque
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