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How to write good Test Cases?

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posted Oct 10, 2018 by Praveen Singh

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1 Answer

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hii.. Write test case is most importance thing in Software Testing.

before start write test case first of all understanding all client requirement deeply so come some idea like the what the system do, how to system work etc. so base of SRS we can create some test case.

after this we make test case format
1) Requirement Id: In this enter Requirement id
2) Requirement Name: enter name of Requirement
3) Test Case id: Enter test case id so easily find out the test case with help of id
4) Test Case Description: enter test case description to give idea to how we go to test our application ex. i have login page and enter valid user name so this is a test case description
5) Test steps: Enter all steps so easily understand ex. 1) enter url in browser 2) open site and click on login page 3) enter valid username etc.
6) Test Data: Enter some input in test case here we are enter two types of data 1) positive 2) negative we enter positive and negative data and then test the system behavior
7) Expected Result: after enter some data in test case we expected some result positive or negative base upon enter data we assume the result of system
8) Actual Result: enter some data see the system response base upon test data .. when expected and actual result are not matched then we find some bug in system
9) Priority: based open requirement we give some priority to test case like high, medium, low etc
10) Severity: we give severity to test case it define how much impact on system due this test case
11) positive/negative: after compare both result we find positive or negative
so this we can create good test case

i hope you like it
thank you

answer Oct 11, 2018 by Bhumika Prajapati