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Paypal not working in Nigeria

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Hello, I'm a new tester from Nigeria.
What other payment medium is available for me as I can't receive payment through Paypal in my country?

posted Oct 12, 2018 by Yomi Vidal

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1 Answer

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Hi Yomi,

For Nigeria we will send money through myremoteteam.

answer Oct 15, 2018 by Arunkumaarts
Pls, how exactly does that really work?
How will I request a payout when I wish to? How will the payment get to me? I checked on "myremoteteam" website but couldn't create any account with them to ensure I receive the payment. Ho will 99test get my account detail?
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Rank based or valid bugs ratio based payment means tester who have higher rank or higher valid bug ratio will get some bonus and lower rank or lower bug ratio tester will get lower payment as compare to actual payment.

I think it will really encourage tester to join and test more project.

Also tons of inactive tester may come back after this exciting offer.

At the end it will bring benifit to all the three sides tester, 99tests and clients.

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i found that in the credits section of the website, and just wanted to know what does it mean. the bug reward is mentioned in INR always so what is exactly 99tests currency?

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When can I get my payment? I am a tester from Hungary, already reached the 10 USD threshold.