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Why did I get directed to this site if I have to find my own tests?

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Why did I get directed to this site if I have to find my own tests? What is 99tests and how can it help me make money today? Can it? How long will it take to make $50? Why isn’t this info made available and easy to find on this site? Does 99tests have an app at the App Store? If not, why? Do you want me to try it, rate it, and write a review? Do you think you
Would get a good rating from me? What kind of experience do you think most people have with this website? Good or Bad?

posted Oct 15, 2018 by Stephen Boychuk

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2 Answers

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Hi Stephen,
At 99tests the environment is different but enjoyable and competitive. Here the tester needs to put his/her best; as the concept for is a healthy competition where you need to compete with the best quality bugs & appropriate bug reports. All your bugs are validated by the top testers which confirm the severity of the bugs you have reported. So depending on the votes you receive there will be a change in the reputation points. The calculation of these reputation points depends upon a number of factors which are decided by the internal team of Main goal is tester to improve their skills by participating and logging bugs in different cycle.

answer Oct 16, 2018 by Arunkumaarts
This is good!  Now I am beginning to conceptualize In my mind what it is that you’re going to want me to do somewhat. However where and how does one acquire debugging work?  I can’t find a menu on your site that leads me to anything of that nature?  What is the average turnaround time between the tasks being completed and credits made to my PayPal account  in US funds?  I am going to ask more and more questions as we proceed and explore this some more, FYI.  Thanks to the community for the video!  I haven’t watched it reviewed it or rated it yet, however when I do, I will have further questions you can be sure.
BTW, where did you get this video?  And why isn’t it placed in a menu or at a location that is obvious for a new user, or simply a dummy on this stuff like me who wants to know more?
cant you wizards program that rotate feature into your HTML? or whatever language you author websites in nowadays?  I personally cannot, but then again, I like writing code about as much as I like writing music - not at all!
Even though I LOVE to play it, I DESPISE having to ink it.  If only a wise old wizard could design a program that would Ink it for me, as I play ...
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Payment rates differ from client to client and the projects you apply for. The payment is always mentioned in the requirement page for each different project.

answer Oct 16, 2018 by Arunkumaarts
Where/When/How will I get these “projects” you speak of?
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