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What are the main challenges of mobile usability testing?

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posted Oct 16, 2018 by Arunkumaarts

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2 Answers

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Usability testing comes as a necessity if you want to deliver a user friendly mobile application.

Although, there are many challenges in doing it in a proper manner & have been conducted in a faulty way very often.

Lack of Proper Planning - The most important part of usability testing is planning the entire testing phase. Testers often underestimate the importance of user experience testing and either they don’t plan it properly or keep very little time for it.

Misconception about the Goal - Being design-specific, testers fail to realize that usability testing is about how the user feels while using the application, a combination of user experience along with how the application works. The aim of usability testing is to figure out the part of the application where the user gets frustrated, either with design or with functionality.

Testing with Incorrect Audience & usually at 11th hour.

One Way Testing - In many usability testing labs, participants work along with the observers to test the application. These often leads to unnatural behaviour, resulting in a negative impact in the testing phase. A better option is to go for a one-way-mirror procedure, where participants are unaware that someone is observing them while they are testing the application.

Participants should not be interrupted & Pilot test should not be missed.

Conducting only one usability testing phase.

Proper behaviour with the Facilitator as well as Participants - Don’t overload your facilitator, understand how much they have on their plates. Don’t run into arguments with the participants. If they are explaining a flaw, then accept it rather than explaining a work around.

answer Oct 18, 2018 by Bharath
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hello.. usability testing is most importance part in mobile application to check how to user can easily use mobile application

Challenges in usability testing:
1) mobile context:
It can be defined as “any information that characterizes a situation related to the interaction between users, applications, and the surrounding environment.It typically includes the location, identities of nearby people, objects, as well as environmental elements that may distract users’ attention. It is very difficult to select a methodology that can include all possibilities of mobile context in a single usability test.
2) Connectivity:
The slow and unreliable wireless network connection with low bandwidth is a common hindrance for mobile applications. This problem largely affects data downloading time and quality of streaming media.Strength of signals and data transfer speed in a wireless network may vary at different time and locations.
3) small screen size:
Physical constraints of mobile devices, especially small screen size, can significantly affect the usability of mobile applications.Direct presentation of most WWW pages on small mobile devices can be aesthetically unpleasant, un-navigable, and in the worst case, completely illegible.
4) Different display resolutions:
The display capability of mobile devices supports much less display resolution (normally 640*480 pixels or below) in comparison with desktops. Low resolution can degrade the
quality of multimedia information displayed on the screen of a mobile device. in different mobile resolution all information are covered.

answer Oct 26, 2018 by Bhumika Prajapati
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