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How to Improve Collaboration Between Software Testers And Developers?

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How to work with developers to improve the software application?

posted Oct 25, 2018 by Praveen Singh

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1 Answer

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Good communication or the lack of it, can make or break a software project. Collaboration between QA and development teams is essential for ensuring the success of an Agile software project. Any software is bound to have bugs. A healthy relationship between QA and developers can help in finding and fixing these bugs quickly. With good collaboration and smart automation strategies, teams can successfully achieve greater speed and better quality in their software projects.

Encourage Collaboration and Communication
Encourage both QA and developers to share their thoughts and ideas freely. Make everyone feel like a part of a single integrated team that is focused on the product’s quality. Apart from arranging meetings, encourage both testers and developers to take the initiative to interact more often using informal channels of communication.

Cross Train Developers and Testers
While developers can help testers in understanding the code, testers can help developers in learning more about the test suite and strategies used for testing the final product. Knowledge sharing sessions can also help both teams learn more about any specific tools used for the project.

Focus On Finding and Fixing Critical Bugs
both the QA team and developers understand what is most important for the customers or end users of the app. With a big picture of the project, it is easier for teams to prioritize tasks in line with the business goals.

Introduce Pair Test Programming
With pair test programming, testers and developers can sit together to discuss requirements, develop code, run tests and assess the nonfunctional aspects of the product.

answer Oct 26, 2018 by Bhumika Prajapati
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