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How to test your Mobile App on Different Versions of Android & iOS?

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Can we test our MObile Application on different version of Android Operating System and iOS Versions?

posted Oct 25, 2018 by Praveen Singh

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3 Answers

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Yes but keep in mind that the app which you are testing must have the requirements supported by your phone

For example the app must match with your Android or iOS version

answer Oct 26, 2018 by Shubh Tyagi
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Yes, we can test Mobile Application on Different Versions of Android & iOS. But Application to be tested should support your android and iOS versions.
E.g : If you are testing any Android Application then it won't work on iOS platform and Vica-Versa.

As Mobile industry have lots of Mobile devices and OS versions in market, so testing on each and every mobile device for different OS version is not possible.
We can use real mobile devices, emulators, or both for testing mobile applications. The answer depends on what you want to test. For example, emulators are good for user interface testing and initial quality assurance, but real devices are essential for performance testing, while device cloud testing is a good way to scale up the number of devices and operating systems.

answer Oct 29, 2018 by Mukta Gupta
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yes its possible some times when the phone has same future or similarly but it's not possible without the similarity of the phone same capacity but some applications like xender work on both android and ios

answer Dec 1, 2018 by Aliyu Ibrahim
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