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Integration Testing In Software Testing

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What is Integration Testing

It is the second level of testing after unit testing.In this level of software testing individual units are combined and tested as a group. The purpose of this level of testing is to find bugs in the interaction between integrated units. 

Need of Integration Testing

Different modules are developed by different developers so it become necessary to test the all units after integration .In most of the applications it interacts with some third party tools or APIs which also need to be tested

•Now in Agile era requirements changes frequently many a time developer deploys the changes without unit testing it. Integration testing becomes important to minimize the chances of integration issues.

•Test drivers and test stubs are used in Integration Testing as simulators if required.

Approaches of Integration Testing

Big Bang Approach-

Big bang approach integrates all the modules at once It verifies if the system works as expected or not after integration. If any issue is detected in the completely integrated module, then it becomes difficult to find out which module has caused the issue.

Bottom -Up Approach

Bottom-up testing starts from the lowest unit of the application, and gradually moves up.This integration continues till all the modules are integrated and the entire application is tested as a single unit.If the upper module is not developed then simulator is used which is called driver


Top Down is an approach to Integration Testing where top-level units are tested first and lower level units are tested after that.If the lower module is not developed then simulator is used which is called Stub.

posted Nov 10, 2018 by Mohd Adnan

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What is Software Testing ??

Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs.

Software testing determines the correctness, completeness and quality of software being developed.

Need of Software Testing 

To find out the bugs introduce into the system.

Any defect or bug in the software will produce wrong results causing a failure.

When a bug or defect causes in software application, testing is done to find out the cause of defect and this will be fixed by Development Team.

Ways of Software Testing

Manual Testing

¨In this method the tester plays an important role of end user and verifies that all the features of the application are working correctly. The tester manually executes test cases without using any automation tools.

¨The differences between actual and desired results are treated as defects. The defects are then fixed by the developer of software application

Automation Testing

Testing performed with the help of automation tools. Like QTP, Selenium etc