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Mobile Rules the World

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Mobiles rule the world with 3.5 billion active smart phones worldwide. Take that statistic in, 3.5 billion. That’s the same number as just under half of the global population and the market has only been around for 20 or so years. Breaking this number down, 1.3 billion or 25% of the market is run by the Apple operating system with the remaining 75% being android. In fact, smartphones and tablets have dominated the technology market with a sales of 68 million during 2006 to a massive 1, 729 million per year in 2016.

So how are industries benefiting from the device take over? Most brands, specifically ecommerce,  have launched apps since 2013 with 5 billion apps available on Google play and the Apple store. That’s a lot of competition and your app can easily get swept under the rug or forgotten as newer, shinier apps take over.

Start the revolution

From this technological shift, the mobile revolution was born and a new form of retail has developed, mcommerce. The ecommerce news recently documented the top three mcommerce leaders. Unsurprisingly the US and China held the top two positions, with the United Kingdom coming in at third place, worth just under £50 billion. Focusing on the UK alone, mcommerce is expected to show the fastest growth, expanding by a further 16% annually and being worth just under £100 billion by 2022.

With so much growth happening and money up for grabs, you would have thought that UK mobile sites would have perfected their sites which cater to their user needs and boost sales. But this is far from the truth. A recent study of 20,000 mobile users, showed that within the UK only 6% of shoppers see relevant product recommendations on a regular basis with an average lagged loading time of 10 seconds.

Why are we failing?

So why are mobile sites so awful at mcommerce? Problems with site optimisation, layout, security and localisation all contribute to a poor mcommerce experience, preventing customers from completing conversions and buying products. For businesses this means losing out on large amounts of revenue and creating poor user experiences. But mcommerce optimisation is possible as brands such as AUDI, Claire’s and Superdry begin to conduct annual web testing procedures with community testing companies, designed to identify bugs and issues globally across a range of browsers and devices.

posted Nov 18, 2018 by Arun

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