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What is an End-to-End Testing?

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posted Dec 18, 2018 by Arun

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2 Answers

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Testing the overall functionality of the system including the data integration among all the modules is called End-to-End Testing.

The entire application is tested for critical functionalities such as communicating with the other systems, interfaces, database, network, and other applications.

answer Dec 18, 2018 by Arunkumaarts
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End-to-End Testing is defined as a type Software Testing that not only validates the software system under test but also checks its integration with external interfaces. Hence, the name "End-to-End". The purpose of End-to-End Testing is to exercise a complete production-like scenario.
End to End Testing is usually executed after functional and System Testing.

Modern software systems are complex and are interconnected with multiple sub-systems
A sub-system may be different from the current system or may be owned by another organization. If anyone of the sub-systems fails, the whole software system could collapse. This is a major risk and can be avoided by End-to-End testing.

answer Jan 3 by Bhumika Prajapati