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Iam beginer how to start Testing

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Hi team
Iam recently done testing course (manul, selinum with java), im intrsted to with work with you. Kindly help he me to grow in testing

Thanking you

posted Dec 19, 2018 by Satish

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1 Answer

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Hi Satish, I too were a beginner like you. At 99tests, you can start initially by first completing your profile and the adding the devices, platforms/OS, browsers, etc. that you are comfortable with to test web apps. If you have any more doubts you can email me at Recently, 99tests put out a Google Form for testers interested in Security Testing of a web app. I enrolled myself in that. Now, based on the Tester's profile 99tests will decide whether the Tester is eligible for testing of the specific web app. This is the URL-->

answer Dec 20, 2018 by Tapan Jatakia
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