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i am a begginer in testing ,i want to know were to start and how to understand using dashboard..?

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how to understand dasboard n no url for testing . there r test cases with inprogress, passed ,failed etc.. but do we need to work on all or just one which r inprogress

posted Dec 28, 2018 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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"Welcome to 99Tests :)

As you embark on your testing journey with 99tests, we would like you to check the below important pointers:

Update your profile with all correct information - Country, City, Timezone, Work Experience, etc. This will help you get all the project information matching the demography.
Payment Info - Enter the bank account/myremoteteam id, through where you want the earnings to be transferred.
Update the Devices - Updating all the test devices that you have on the platform will enable you to participate in more test cycles.
Update Skills - Update the Skills and get project invitations based on your skill set.
Keep checking the Active Projects new projects. Usually invitations are sent based on the profile match, but you may join ongoing projects too.
Check the Open Bug section to test and log bugs for projects taking part in open bugs.

**> Do check out the introductory video on the same here:

This is for Tetscase demo video:

Hope your journey is awesome here!!!

Do let us know if you face any problems. We will be happy to resolve your queries."

answer Dec 28, 2018 by Arunkumaarts
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So far I'm doing fine but I'm going to ask if i experience any problem

answer Feb 2 by Nicolene Madikong