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About Me ! As a new member for here

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Expert in Automation Testing and Manual Testing and Software Developer

Software development for web and windows application. We have a very good team for Automation Testing and manual testing. We always focus on quality of the work and deliverable on estimated time. Our core values are Problem Solving, Ownership and Communication. ⭐ Automation is our thing. It is fun and challenging to automate tasks. We love to automate web and windows application on all level including database level as well. ⭐ We are a professional Java developer with experience in ❂ Scraping ❂ Extracting & ❂ Transforming data. ❂ Sql Server all versions ❂ Windows application task Automation including installation as well. ❂ Web Automation ❂ Installer designer(Custom installation setup). Apache, Apache Ant, Software Testing, Test Automation, Testing / QA, TestComplete ⭐ We are a professional Dot Net developer with experience in ❂ C# ❂ ASP.Net ❂ MFC ❂ Visual Basics

posted Jan 6 by Sonu Prajapati

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Hi I'm highly interested in starting work with your company. I have a Android Samsung Galaxy phone I would like to work right away. I want to work full-time feel free to send me enough task so I could work with your company whatever many task you have please let me know I'm ready and willing to work please contact me thank you. 

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 In the next 10 years, you should see yourself as a CEO of an organization making an immense impact on the company, employees and society.
What distinguishes us humans from other living species in the power to dream. Why waste this power by choosing to dream small. One promise we should make to ourselves is that whenever we think of future, it is bigger, bolder and better, much better than today.

There is one more perspective I would like to offer on this subject. When we think of ten-year career horizons, we generally tend to think growing vertically i.e. if I am an SDET(software development engineer in test) now, I would be Senior SDET in 2 years, then Staff SDET and so on. There is nothing wrong in thinking vertically except for the fact that vertical plans for careers tend to be self-limiting. What I mean by self-limiting is that designations trap you into thinking that reaching the next level is the only goal you should have even if you are capable and are performing at much higher levels.
If you consider any industry leader you admire and look at their career profiles, I bet they wouldn’t have reached where they have reached by just following organization’s laid down career frameworks. They may have followed that a bit but more than that they would be traversed horizontally and chartered their own unique paths.

In summary:
1. You are capable of reaching at unprecedented heights in your career in 10 years time provided you choose to aim higher at the first step.
2. Follow career paths laid down by organizations as a guide at best but not the only way to grow. Successful people create their own paths however difficult it may be.
3. Like everything around you, within the next 10 years, the SDET role itself would have undergone a transformation for good or bad. It’s best to have a pulse of what’s happening around you, have informed opinion about the future and change course as needed.