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Some tests are still in result awaiting status for the past 4 months

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I worked on some projects in the month of September. But still now the status is result awaiting. And also for some tests bugs are not yet validated .When will be the results get declared and when will I get paid for the same and how

posted Jan 8 by Subashree

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2 Answers

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Hi Subashree,

Please share the cycle name with ID.

answer Jan 9 by Arun
374, 369, nsrcel/1
374 - bareblow, 369 - Indiamart, nsrcel/1 - NSRCEL
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Please share cycle name with id

answer Jan 10 by Ankita
374 - bareblow, 369 - Indiamart, nsrcel/1 - NSRCEL
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I have completed 4 projects and its already over in october - november. But payment is still not received. When I will receive it? its mentioned 15th of every month payment will completed but I have not received it yet.

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Payment of my open bugs raised in the month of October and November is pending .

I also participated in the execution of test cases for a certain project for which the results are not yet known to me .

How to go ahead in both the case

Pls guide .

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I have participated in open bug test and most of the defects are valid but I have not received any payment for it.