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What is Retesting and when to it ?

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What is Retesting

•Retesting is a testing performed by the tester when a particular bug(issue) reported by him or his team has been fixed by developer.

•When any bug is found by the tester , it will be reported to the development team, developer assign that bug to the tester after fixing the issue for verification, this verification is known as Retesting.

Retesting Conditions

•Retesting is done by replicating the same scenario with same data in new build.

•In retesting those test cases are included which were failed earlier.

•Retesting ensures that the issue has been fixed and is working as expected.

•It is a planned testing with proper steps of verification

•When a bug is raised and is rejected by the developer saying that it’s not reproduceable  in their environment then in this case also the testers do the re-testing of the bug to ensure that whether it’s a valid bug.

•The test cases of retesting cannot be automated.

Advantages of Retesting

•It confirms that the earlier reported issue is fixed and now it is working as expected.

•It enhance the application/ Product quality

•No need to set up a new environment. Retesting is done with the same data and same environment with new build


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posted Jan 12 by Mohd Adnan

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