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How to avoid conflicts between a Tester and Validator in 99tests ?

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How to avoid conflicts between a Tester and Validator in 99tests ? A validator acts as a developer always to reject the bugs ? Few validators does not have Bug Advocacy skill

posted Jan 25 by Mohamed Irsath

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I find it true with 99test. In real time we can discuss and clarify about the issue being genuine, but over 99test, it quite difficult, and validators take it to their advantage.  Its one of the reasons I have quit a few testing cycles now.  Just an experience, may not be true for all. Thanks!

    Thanks for your comments. I think that 99tests will take this point into consideration

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Hi Mohamed and Fouzia,

One thing I want to tell you that validators are also testers. You can also be a validator once you crossed level 8 and above. Basically, the tester who crossed level 8 and above they will know what a client is required from the tester side. once you know that you will reach a good position in testing. Moreover, if validator does something particular in your bugs you can reach me out. will check and short out the issue.

answer Jan 28 by Arunkumaarts
Hi Arun,

    Yes. I have being a validator in 99tests before 2 years(reached level 9). As a validator,i have the guidelines to be followed to accept a bug. But nowadays so called validators are concentrating on few favored testers bug and rejecting other bugs for a reason.This is what i complained about. Validation  should be genuine in all the cycles. I hope. Thanks for your comments