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How Can A Tester Know If 99test is not a scam

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There are lots of website on the internet as at today that is busy scamming innocent users, now what is that unique point about 99test that will be different from other tester sites.

posted Jan 25 by Don Allen Stowey

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1 Answer

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Hi Allen,
Testers are Trusting us.

We are running this company for more than 8 years. We have around 35K testers across the world. They are here only because of trusting us, This is like pay for your BUG(work).

If you logged one valid bug you will get Money for that bug.

If some testing site. will not pay tester for regular basic. but we are not like that

answer Jan 28 by Arunkumaarts
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It will be so great to have a bug search functionality inside of "Active Projects"->"Openbug"->"%opened_project%" section.

At the moment it is terrible from the normalization point of view.

For example I found a bug in the client's project and I want to raise it.

Before raise it - I want to make sure this is not a duplicate.

I should go through all the bug pages and spend many time in order to find some bug title with a hint (or even open every bug for a full description O_O).

enter image description here

On the basis of the above - I suppose sometimes duplicates will be raised.
And then the QA manager will have to spend his time in order to reject another one duplicated bug ticket.
Is there any chance to update our 99tests platform with a bug title/description search?