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Tell a process of get payment in 99test?

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what the process of get payment in 99test?

posted Jan 30 by Bhumika Prajapati

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2 Answers

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First join in any test cycle. Then you have to read requirements and find bugs according to their requirements. Log your bug as per given instructions in requirements. Then validator will check your bug and give tag as valid or invalid or any other. If tag is given to your bug is valid then and only then you will get your earnings. Earnings depends on your reputation of that cycle. This reputation depends on your bugs priority. After completion of that cycle result will announce. It takes almost one month or more to declare a result. You will get mail if you joined that cycle. In mail as well as in My credit section or in cycle winners section you can find names. You will find amount of your earnings in my credit section. Which will given to you 15th of every month if your earnings are greater than ₹500 and cycle's results declare before end of the last month. If above criteria didn't match then you will get your payment in next month or until the criteria satisfy. This is the full process of payment. If you find any miscalculation in reward money then you can reach to help which you can find bottom right corner of website.

answer Jan 30 by Parth Modi
thanks.. but how payment trasfer in  my account?
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Payment can transfer in two ways. If you are resident of India then you can provide you bank account details otherwise you can provide your PayPal account details in profile section. They will send you payment via Online bank transfer or via PayPal

answer Jan 30 by Parth Modi
where can i add my payment detail like bank acc in my profile
In account settings you can find "My Account Info" section. In that section you can add your account details.