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Does my Article increase my reputation and level?

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How does one get to be elevated in the community? What are the activities that bring rewards (financial and otherwise) to testers?

posted Feb 1 by Frank, Orok Oyo O.

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2 Answers

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No, but it can give you badges like "Likes Discussion", "Social Activist", "Socializer", etc. which reflects in your profile.

answer Feb 1 by Parth Modi
Thanks Parth Mordi for stopping by. But how do one get started with tasks that brings reward?
You will find all cycles in active cycle section even though you are not eligible in it so check your active project section frequently
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Participate in Test Cycles. From time to time, 99Tests provides bonus for participating in a test cycle, like adding $20/Rs.1000, inviting you to specific test cycles, raising the reward available for test execution or providing bonus to top 3 or 5 testers in a cycle etc., Community posts are like helping other testers to discuss your views and knowledge sharing.

answer Feb 6 by Somashekar B
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